A Global Psoriasis Research Facility

PsoriasisResearcher collates data on ongoing research studies that investigate how our Psoriasis may be affected by diet, lifestyle and drug-free treatments.

Participating in any of the ongoing studies is FREE. All you do is click the link ‘Participate’ and select ANY of the ongoing research studies that you would like to trial.

On registration to a research project, you will be sent an email which will give you a link to click on to start the study. Each questionnaire takes just a minute or so to complete. Each trial should be done over a minimum period of 12 weeks which means you should try and return and re-complete the questionnaire on a weekly basis over 12 weeks. You do not have to complete it every week but the more weeks you do complete it, the more meaningful the results will become.The 1st and 12th weeks are the most important to complete.

You can, of course, terminate any study at any time. However, if you do terminate  your involvement or if you break the regime required by the study, please return and complete the questionnaire noting that you have terminated and why. Then, if you later want to re-try the study, please wait one week before starting all over again.

A summary of the ongoing results of each trial will be sent FREE of charge via email to all registered participants.