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Tadalafil is a drug that’s used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It can also be used by women, it can also treat fear of heights and prostatitis, among many other. There are many uses for Tadalafil, but the most common is obviously ED treatment. That’s what it’s famous for, anyway.

Why Choose Tadalafil?

There are many differences between Tadalafil and other PDE-5 drugs. Let us give you a couple of examples: first and foremost, Tadalafil has longer half-life than the likes of Viagra and Levitra. That gives Tadalafil an amazing competitive edge. Its effectiveness is impressive and it’s been proved time and time again. The other key difference is: Tadalafil-based medicines, namely Tadalis SX, can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. It’s not just a short-term solution, if you use a smaller dose every day, you can forget about your ED problems after some time. Granted, the competitors do not have a great selling point like that. Their ad campaigns mostly rely on exaggeration and half-truth.

The Better Way

The big issue with Tadalafil – it’s price. Some people aren’t willing to pay as much money. As with any other drugs, that’s where the “generic” versions come in. Of course, their effectiveness may vary, but on average – they’re every bit as effective as the original, pricey version. Take the aforementioned version for example. There’s been a great degree of research and the conclusion is simple: there are minor differences in effectiveness depending only on the individual’s psychology. Some subconsciously (or consciously) decide for themselves that the generic brand can’t work as well as the original.

While generic Tadalafil is not yet available in the United States, there’s plenty of options if you’re looking to save some money. There are many countries that actually have generic Tadalafil brands available for sale, the most trusted one is the SX one. You should be wary of the online pharmacy itself, but there are many websites that let you verify its validity.

The Way of The Future

The long-lasting effects of the introduction of OTC Tadalafil are mind-boggling. Viagra, for example, insists on patent protection and this could be disastrous for them. The customers will flock to buy generic Tadalafil with no prescriptions, draining away sales from Viagra.