A Global Psoriasis Research Facility

Do you collect personal data?

No. Although all participants have to register, all data is submitted anonymously.

What is my commitment when I join a research study?

We ask all participants to aim to continue the study for a minimum of 12 weeks and to record their experiences at the end of each week.

Am I free to terminate a study if I don’t want to continue for the full 12 weeks?

Yes.  You are, of course, free to terminate a study at any time. If you do terminate your involvement in a study, it would be helpful if you would return and complete the questionnaire one last time and, if possible, explain why you decided to terminate. Remember, we are collecting data to try and find out what really can help Psoriasis sufferers and the more data we collect, the more meaningful will be the results.

Can I participate in a study on behalf of my child?

Yes. You can complete the questionnaires on behalf of your child.

When will I receive the results of a research study?

The results are ongoing. We will send you a summary of any research study that you are actively participating in via email, FREE of charge .

How is PsoriasisResearcher funded?

PsoriasisResearcher is privately funded. However you can support the work through purchasing through our Amazon store or by making a donation: