A Global Psoriasis Research Facility

PsoriasisResearcher is the brainchild of Adam Jackson, a lifelong Psoriasis sufferer and founder of the internationally acclaimed M-Folia skin care range.

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson & his family

Adam was formerly a monthly research columnist with the Nursing Times & Health Guardian magazine. He is also the author of 8 books including The Secrets of Abundance series (currently published in over 30 languages) and The Flipside (Headline 2010 – currently published in 11 languages).

“Medical research is increasingly devoted to maintenance drug programmes and very little is being done in relation to lifestyle factors. As the bulk of research is funded by pharmaceutical companies, without the platform that PsoriasisResearcher provides, there would be little hope  that we would ever find effective, drug-free solutions through conventional research channels.

“PsoriasisResearcher provides a global platform for ongoing epidemiological studies relating to lifestyle choices including specific diets and environmental factors.

“We hope that psoriasis sufferers everywhere will support and participate in PsoriasisResearch. Data is collected anonymously and collated every month. The more data we collect, the more we’ll learn about effective drug-free solutions.”