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A Revolution for Psoriasis Sufferers By Psoriasis Sufferers!

PsoriasisResearcher represents a revolution for Psoriasis sufferers. For too long, the pharmaceutical industry has had control over any research conducted with psoriasis.

Psoriasis Researcher Working With You For You!

Have you ever wondered why there are never any attempts to find solutions that reach the known causes of Psoriasis?
Why isn’t there more research into lifestyle factors – low-cost or no-cost ways of treating the condition?
Why are virtually all new medical treatments for Psoriasis (and most other medical problems for that matter) focused on maintenance rather than cure?

The answer, of course, is money! There’s no money in cures, especially those that don’t involve drugs. Lifestyle changes profit no-one except the sufferer. Essentially, this means that there is no will  to find effective, long-term drug-free solutions.

Legal censorship

Many people are unaware that there is  a campaign to censor  information relating to any breakthroughs in healthcare. Aside from the current situation in Europe where the sale of nutritional supplements is under threat, companies are not permitted to make ANY claims in relation to their products without a Marketing Authorisation the costs of which run into tens of thousands of pounds. The application fee alone in the UK is in excess of £50,000 per product!

This censorship of information even applies to published research, and it also applies to companies who have legitimate medical licenses for their products in other countries.

Not only is there little hope of simple lifestyle research being conducted (because the vast majority of research is funded by pharmaceutical companies) but that any data that does exist related to lifestyle choices – diet, nutrition and stress – as well as allergies and environmental factors rarely make it out to the general public.

The revolution starts now!

join thousands of other psoriasis sufferers TODAY!

PsoriasisResearcher.com brings an end to this situation by providing the foundation to enable Psoriasis sufferers to participate in their own research. Members are encouraged to participate in simple trials and report back on their findings. The data is then collated and members notified of the results. For example, many Psoriasis sufferers have reported that their skin has improved by cutting out gluten from their diet. Through PsoriasisResearcher.Com, this can be tested by hundreds or thousands of psoriasis sufferers.

We are not claiming that the research is perfect. No research is without flaws. But, with the advent of the internet, there is a very good chance that we will – together – find out more about what works for us (and what doesn’t) in relation to drug-free treatments for Psoriasis and lifestyle choices than we’ll ever learn if we leave it to the pharmaceutical companies.

So, if you have Psoriasis and would like to be involved in helping find effective, drug-free solutions, PLEASE join PsoriasisResearcher TODAY! And, tell anyone you know who has Psoriasis about us. The more people who participate in the ongoing research studies, the more chance we have of finding ways to help ourselves and each other.

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